the story

a great adventure

PennyP started almost accidentally, but in fact in a very organic manner. I had already been experimenting with a sewing machine when a friend asked me for an everyday backpack of adjustable size. I accepted the challenge, and designed and experimented until the first backpack was born. I had no idea how many would follow, but this became a strong incentive and I embarked on the adventure.

the backpack

A backpack made for urban travellers

PennyP is a project that looks for surprise and satisfaction in the design and the form and makes its use special to you. It brings together a unique aesthetic with suitable functionality. The PennyP backpack marked the beginning of the project. It is a light versatile and minimal everyday bag of adjustable size, made for multiple uses so you can carry it with you everywhere. It is a backpack that you can take to work but you can also carry it in short excursions or weekends away.
Meanwhile more companions have been created always with the same objective, make your everyday life more comfortable and beautiful.


A continuous dialogue of materials and design

The PennyP backpack is totally handmade with an eye to quality and detail. All backpacks and accessories are designed and made one after another in my studio in Raval, downtown Barcelona. All products are born after design thinking and testing in order to satisfy your everyday needs, while improving the techniques as a continuous process. Making patterns is probably the most challenging part of every sewing project. Visualizing, imagining, calculating, drawing and finally putting everything together is like a mathematical riddle. All steps are necessary up to the final sketch.
Custom and personalized orders are an essential part of the PennyP project, and you can choose the colour combinations you prefer or even propose a whole new garment. Designing your PennyP backpack is an ongoing process until it reaches the result that you desire.

The materials

Attention to detail

The selection of proper materials and their combination is a very important step. I love working with textiles and personally selecting the fabrics, because it is a process not only based on seeing, but it involves touching and feeling the texture. This creates a constant dialogue between the materials and the behaviour of the product after it is passed onto its owner. I try to use resistant but aesthetically elegant materials. The combination of design, form and colours are very important for an harmonious result. The lining is not always the same, as this is something I like to change and it is also something that makes it unique.

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