Handmade process

All products are exclusively handmade in my studio in Barcelona. I share a beautiful and lively co-working space in the heart of Barcelona, which in the past was a family owned textile industry. The materials are chosen carefully, cut and put together with special attention. Everything passes through my hands; the idea, the design, the purchase of materials and the attention to detail.

Ethical sourcing

I try to be as respectful as possible in the processes of my production. Even though it is difficult to follow the chain of production of all materials, I try to work with small businesses and contribute to local economies; most of the materials, fabrics and garments are from Barcelona and some from my hometown of Athens. My products are vegan.


Custom orders are the most challenging part of my work. You can either personalize your backpack by choosing the color of the straps and combination of fabrics, or, if you would like a new combination, or an extra accessory (such as a pocket or an interior laptop sleeve) do not hesitate to ask me.
I love designing new personalized products, I enjoy making new patterns and finding solutions in order to satisfy habits and needs. If you have something in mind that you have imagined and you cannot find, I would be very happy to make it for you.

Small scale production

I produce unique bags by engaging in a small scale production. The materials are bought in small quantities and every single backpack is unique and sewn one upon completion of another. Although the main exterior fabrics can be the same, the lining I choose is different every time, so you will always find differences from one bag to another.

Slow fashion

I aspire to contribute to the “slow fashion” movement. Slow refers to quality and not quantity, that’s why I choose the materials with attention and create my products with an eye on detail. Through this project I try to support other small businesses and resist the massive and fast consumption to the extent that it is possible while I hope I can contribute to the sensibilization of the consumer in the understanding of handmade processes.
By having your own PennyP backpack, you also contribute to the slow fashion movement.

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