Everything starts with a sketch

Writing my very first post of my blog is very exciting and I thought it would be nice to introduce myself and my work by presenting to you my creative process.
PennyP bags started 4 years ago, when I started I had no idea where it would go! I have always liked to build things, créate, manufacture. Since I was a kid I remember myself cutting, making collages, drawing, even sewing clothes for my dolls, I believe this is something I owe to my mother who always brought stuff for my sister and I to do. So, as you can understand, creation is probably the most important part for me and that’s why I would like to tell you more about it. And it’s a process that contains a lot of small steps.

First, there is the idea. Normally this connects with a need and that’s why also I enjoy making backpacks and accessories, because they are useful and have an everyday use. The first sketches come up, I preferably work with colours and pencils because I can design each different part and note down the details. I note down my corrections in three different languages. This started when I first came to study in Barcelona, my professors talked in spanish, I translated it in greek and at the end everything came into the paper in a very interesting mix of English, Spanish and Greek. A lot of confusion in my mind and it still goes on…

The prototype is done on paper and the idea turns from a 3D form into my head into a 2D pattern. According to the sketches, I have to draw each of the pieces that create the final product. And not only this, but to imagine in what order they have to be put together to be sewn. You have to think the whole piece backwards. Yes, inside out, it’s probably the most challenging part. And this probably has to do with my background when I was studying to get into the architecture school, where you learn to draw having the construction in mind.

When everything is designed I first make a prototype with cheap cotton canvas to have an idea of the product. We change again into a 3D structure, this is really magic! A lot of pins, corrections and of course re-sketching if needed. This is where you test everything, and this is the step you re-make things to get the final prototype. And I say prototype because you also have to test it. The selection of the materials and the final choices come, many times I work the combinations in my computer, I can spend hours changing the colours in photoshop and check what I like most. And...the first product is sewn and it has to be tested! I have to check the resistance and the comfort, but always try to keep an eye on simple lines and forms. Sometimes I use my friends as testers, other people’s opinion is very important to me. There are things that I haven’t thought about. My bags always evolve depending on your needs and your feedback is very valuable to me.

This is a small journey through my process and I hope you enjoyed it. In case you want to see some more images you can find the “Process” highlight on my Instagram account and if you want to comment I would be very happy to know what you think. Meanwhile you can check the new entries below while I am preparing the new backpacks. I hope you enjoyed the journey 🙂

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